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Introducing The Seat Rollio

Introducing The Seat Rollio

Equally at home rolling in the city or far, far away from the city.  The äventyr Seat Rollio is an underseat tool roll for the essential items it is always smart to take with you on a ride.  We designed The Seat Rollio to our high standards, and tested it extensively throughout a Minnesota Winter and at the ultimate gravel cycling event ~ Land Run 100.  
äventyr at Shaping Fashion Event, April 20

äventyr at Shaping Fashion Event, April 20

äventyr sustainably and ethically handcrafts bicycle bags in Minneapolis, MN.   We are honored to be participating in Shaping Fashion, a partnership with Fashion Revolution, at The Holden Room, on April 20th, 10-3.

Our participation in events is like our bags, limited quantity and high quality.  This is our first in a limited number of events we will be doing this year, do not miss it!  Like everything we do at äventyr, we believe in doing good things with good people and are honored to be participating in this event.

The Land Run 100 äventyr:  A Soigneur's Note

The Land Run 100 äventyr: A Soigneur's Note

My experience at Land Run 100 was not as a racer, not as a gravel event die hard, not someone who likes to ride 100 miles.  My experience at Land Run 100 was as an avid cyclist, a cycling enthusiast, a gravel appreciator, and most importantly ~ as a 'soigneur'...  It is about all the amazing people who came together at Land Run 100 to make it an event like nothing we have ever been to.  And it is about amazing people like you who want to be part of a community, something bigger than themselves ~ who want to be on the äventyr.
The Land Run 100 äventyr:  The Strategy

The Land Run 100 äventyr: The Strategy

After finishing Land Run 100, I said,  "In my bicycling career, today was the highest."  I said this because there is so much more to the Land Run 100 than just the day of the event.  Personally, I enjoy cycling more, and find I am motivated more to ride, when I have goals, and Land Run 100 is one of the biggest.
custom äventyr Land Run 100 bicycle bags

The Land Run 100 äventyr: The Equipment

Long before I arrived at Land Run 100, I was making key decisions on equipment that would ensure I have my best ride, and finish.  I definitely owe a thank you to a number of people, including DeAnn.  Without all these people starting companies because they cared about making quality equipment for cycling, my Land Run 100 would have been less successful, and my experience not as awesome. ~Kurt
The Land Run 100 äventyr:  People Part 2

The Land Run 100 äventyr: People Part 2

A good bike shop team is crucial to success, and having trusted people like the team at Freewheel Bike Roseville was definitely part of mine.  Thank you Freewheel team for making sure my gear was tip top and reliable - I consider this a significant factor in my Land Run 100 Finish!
The Land Run 100 äventyr:  People Part 1

The Land Run 100 äventyr: People Part 1

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Kurt completed the Land Run 100, a 100 mile gravel bike event in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Because this event brings together so much of what we (Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr owners) believe makes riding a bicycle special,
we are doing a series of blog posts about our Land Run 100 äventyr.  Kurt begins the Land Run 100 äventyr series...  First up, DeAnn, my life and business partner, and cycling event support crew extraordinaire.
An Unexpected and Empowering äventyr

An Unexpected and Empowering äventyr

I have been fortunate over the last two years to build an amazing community of women that have encouraged me, understood me, said yes to me when I thought for sure they would say no, opened up to me, advised me freely, treated me with respect, and never ever ever said I should quit ~ even when I wanted to.
Thank you to all of you women.
Thank you. ~DeAnn
äventyr The Side Hustle Bicycle Laptop Pannier Bag at Anelace Coffee Minneapolis

Local äventyr

Local is a lifestyle äventyr supports.  At äventyr we love keeping it local - it is how and where we eat, it is how and where we shop, and it is the ethics behind our business.  At äventyr we believe in supporting local year round; in the Summer we put our bicycle bags on our bike racks and roll out, and in the Winter we bring our bags on our shoulders for a hygge escape.
Introducing:  The äventyr Sock

Introducing: The äventyr Sock

Building community happens in all sorts of ways, maybe slipping into a fine pair of thoughtfully made äventyr socks made right here in the USA (Wisconsin no less), is your way of joining the äventyr.
äventyr The Social in Cobalt Blue at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Define Yourself. Don't be Defined.

You do not have to define yourself by being like us, but we do hope that perhaps...  you will find that investing in an äventyr bag can be the impetus for finally being able to define you.
äventyr Holiday Giving

äventyr Holiday Giving

This year, the first year of äventyr, we would like to include YOU, our community, in creating an ongoing tradition together.  For all online purchases made with äventyr through December 24th, we will be donating 5% of each product sold to the following organizations:  1.  Second Hand Hounds (each year we sponsor a dog)  2.  Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (our most recent drop off was baby squirrels  3.  The Trust for Public Land (Minneapolis #1!)